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Hi, just want to say thanks for one great, clear, awesome Theron Scoping Scope!  I truly love my Saker 15-45X60mm  for the size and clarity of it.  It allowed me to look over my elk and antelope this year with great ease. I sure am glad I talked with you about it and that you were right on about size, clarity, weight and price!  You can't beat this scope for the money!  Again, thank you for one awesome Theron Spotting Scope!  I love it! 
Lance V,  Idaho

I highly recommend these spotting scopes. For the money you want to spend I don't think you'll get a better quality to price ratio. I used the 15-45X60mm angled on a mountain goat hunt, an antelope hunt, and two bighorn sheep hunts and was very pleased with the performance.
Gerald Martin,  MT


I watched this buck bed up late morning and planned my stalk through my THERON 10x42s. By 3:00 pm I was where I last saw the buck lay down for the day and he was still there 40 yds below me taking his last nap. Great binos for the money, if i didnt have them I would not of spotted this mulie bedded.  

Recardo Leon, NM
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