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THERON Optics makes high quality binoculars and spotting scopes for the working man.


THERON Saker 60mm Spotter Straight body  OUT OF STOCK
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 Wapiti Series 42mm HQ High Resolution Binoculars from $199.00. 
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“You can spend your money on quality,
or just a brand name. 
It’s your choice.”

    Introducing the QUESTA Series!

    The QUESTA series are ULTRA high quality, high definition roof prism binoculars with unrivaled edge to edge clarity!  We keep a low overhead so we are able to offer binoculars of this quality for hundreds of dollars less than our competition! Join those who have found the best value in high quality optics!
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Welcome to THERON Optics, your leader in quality and value for binoculars and spotting scopes. 

THERON optics are high quality sport optics designed for hunting, bird watching and other outdoors activities. At THERON, we use the same manufacturing facilities as many of the large name brands, but we invest in optical quality instead of proprietary cosmetic changes. 

We rely on word of mouth referrals and reviews to spread the word of our quality and value, instead of expensive advertising and marketing. These savings are passed on, allowing you to buy better optics for less. After all, neither a logo, a brand name or fancy packaging is going to make the quality of optics higher, nor will the game you are hunting know the difference.

We are so certain that you will be satisfied with your purchase that if you buy from our partner store PREDATOROPTICS.COM and are not completely satisfied, you can return your undamaged product within 10 days of receiving it and we will refund cost of the item.  

Explore our site pages and take a look at our binoculars and spotting scopes. If you want to purchase any item, click Purchase on the left of any page. 

Because this product is designed for the hunting market this website may contain pictures of animals harvested by some of our customers. If this is offensive to you please do not navigate further past this page.

   THERON QUESTA 10X $399.00 

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